Emblema Maximal


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Identificación Nombre Transformación
Optimus Primal (2) Light Blue bat
Razorbeast Red/White/Black razorback boar
Rattrap Grey/Brown rat
Armordillo Orange/Silver armadillo
Airazor Brown/Yellow falcon
Claw Jaw Red/Purple giant squid
Snarl Tan/Grey tazmanian devil
Dinobot Tan/Orange velociraptor
Cheetor Yellow/Blue cheetah
Wolfang Light Blue wolf
Rhinox Brown/Green rhinoceros
Tigatron Cream/Teal/Silver tiger
Cybershark Green/Violet/Yellow shark
Bonecrusher White/Grey bison
MEGA BEASTS (4) B'Boom Blue/White/Gold mandrill/gun platform
Polar Claw Red/White/Black polar bear
ULTRA BEASTS (5) Optimus Primal Black/Grey gorilla
McDONALDS HAPPY MEAL TOYS (6) Panther Black panther
Rhino Grey rhinocerus

(1) Maximals have "rapid transformations," where the toy changes by pushing a button or lever.

(2) Optimus Primal is sold together with the Megatron Predacon character.

(3) Deluxe Beast Maximals are larger than regular Maximals and tend to have more intricate transformations.

(4) Mega Beast Maximals are larger and more intricate than Deluxe Beasts, and include an animal partner.

(5) Ultra Beasts are even larger and have even more features than the other Maximals.

(6) Happy Meal Maximals were available as the toy included in a McDonalds Happy Meal.