Emblema Decepticon Generation 2


Logo Transformers Generation 2

Identificación Nombre Transformación
LASER CYCLES Road Pig Black Honda Goldwing motorcycle
Hooligan Black/Orange jet
Skyjack Black FB-117 stealth fighter
Space Case White/blue experimental XF-29 Fighter
AUTOROLLERS (2) Dirtbag Lime Green payloader
Roadblock Lime Green dump truck
Megatron Grey/Silver car
Frenzy Red/Black car
Soundwave Yellow/Blue/Black NASCAR stock car
Nightracer (4) Black/Yellow Pontiac Firebird

(1) Cyberjets include springless missile launchers.

(2) Autorollers transform automatically when rolled forward/backward.

(3) Go-Bots are small cars that fit Hot Wheels(tm) race tracks. Nightracer is a recolored version of High Beam. Megatron and Frenzy are recolored versions of Blowout. Soundwave is a recolored version of Gearhead.

(4) The Go-Bot Nightracer was available exclusively to pre-registered attendees of BotCon 1995.