Emblema Decepticon Generation 2


Logo Transformers Generation 2

Identificación Nombre Transformación
COMBATICONS Blast Off Black/White Space Shuttle
Brawl Green/Purple tank
Vortex Blue/Purple Sea Lynx helicopter
Swindle Red/Purple Jeep
Onslaught Yellow/Purple flatbed truck w/cannon
(1) Dreadwing Blue/Purple stealth bomber/tec tank
w/ Smokescreen Blue/Purple tec jet
COMBAT HERO Megatron Purple Camoflage tank (2)
LASER RODS (3) Sizzle Black car
Jolt Purple car
ROTOR FORCE (4) Powerdive Green/Black/Purple AH64 Apache helicopter
Ransack Purple Chance-Voght F4U Corsair
STUNTICONS Breakdown (5) Green/Purple Lamborghini Countach

(1) Dreadwing and Smokescreen can be locked together. Sometimes referred to as Advaced Tactical Bomber (ATB).

(2) An air bladder shoots missiles when squeezed.

(3) Laser Rods have light-up engines. They can hold a sword which lights up when placed in their hand.

(4) Rotor Force Transformers have a wind-up gun which shoots plastic rotors.

(5) The Generation 2 Breakdown was available exclusively to pre-registered attendees of BotCon 1994.