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4 - Brothers in Armor !

Hermanos de armadura !
Portada del cómic (48Kb) Adaptación: Bob Budiansky
Dibujo: Frank Springer
Entintado: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letra: Jack Morelli
Color: Nelson Yomtov
22 páginas


Scorponok and the Decepticon Headmasters are attacking the Autobots at the Mercury Gardens of Nebulos, slaughtering most of them and driving off the others. When he is interviewed by a news team, Zarak tells the press how he saw through Galen's schemes, and is now working only to protect the planet.

The survivors of the massacare return to the Autobot camp, and meet six new Nebulan allies. The Nebulans report that Zarak is planning to sieze the Nursery, an agricultural research center, and sell its findings to the highest bidders. While Hot Rod receives a message from another planet, the others leave to protect the Nursery.

In the capital of Koraja, Lord Zarak learns about the transmission and visits the captured Autobot Headmasters. When Zarak boasts to Galen about how he will be executed, Galen counters that Zarak is being corrupted by his power and influenced by the Decepticons. Hearing that the Autobots are approaching the Nursery, Zarak leads the Terrorcons to stop them.

At the Nursery, the Autobots are talking to the caretakers when the Decepticons attack; the Autobots fight back when their new Nebulan allies transform into weapons. They fight to a standstill, but the Nursery suffers severe collateral damage, and the Autobots retreat to end further wreckage. Zarak gloats in victory, then realizes with horror that his zest for battle was a major cause of the destruction.

Days later in Koraja, Vorath reports that he has armed several Decepticons with duplicated Targetmaster technology. Tersely brushing aside Vorath and Llyra, Zarak visits Galen, then confesses that he is losing control, and that Scorponok is taking over his mind. After telling Galen about a world called Earth, Zarak frees the Autobot Headmasters.

The Autobots' escape is interrupted by the Decepticons. As Llyra watches in shock, the capital is leveled by their gunfire, and the Decepticons are led by her father, now completely mad with bloodlust. The Autobots finally manage to escape, but Zarak -- with great effort -- stops the Decepticons from following.

Back with the Autobots, Galen learns that they have received transmissions from Earth asking for help. He orders an immediate departure, explaining that this will draw the Decepticons away from Nebulos and restore it to peace -- as he and Zarak both wanted. When Llyra arrives and asks for the truth, Galen spurns her by rudely saying how they plan to abandon Nebulos forever. After Llyra leaves, Galen explains that he could not have left if she had still loved him.

The Autobots soon head for Earth, and are quickly followed by the Decepticons. While the people of Nebulos begin to restore their planet, Llyra tries to rebuild her shattered life...

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