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3 - Love and Steel !

Amor y acero !
Portada del cómic (44Kb) Adaptación: Bob Budiansky
Dibujo: Frank Springer
Entintado: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letra: Pat Brosseau
Color: Nelson Yomtov
22 páginas


On Nebulos, the city of Splendora is under attack by Apeface, Snapdragon, and the Terrorcons. They are challenged by Brainstorm, Hardhead, and the Technobots, who use the Headmasters' superior fighting skills to drive them off. After the battle, Councilwoman Soriza wonders if the Autobots are conspiring with the Decepticons to fake the danger to Nebulos, and promises to talk to the council about it.

In an abandoned industrial plant, Scorponok and the Decepticons have captured Lord Zarak and his followers. They are used as test subjects for a bubble-blowing machine that Skullcruncher has invented; Scorponok plans to use it to remove all Nebulans from the planet. When Snapdragon and Apeface return in defeat, Zarak taunts Scorponok about how the Headmaster process gives the Autobots an advantage. Scorponok threatens to kill Zarak, but he refuses to be intimidated, saying simply that he wants to make Nebulos safe for his people and his daughter. Scorponok then agrees to undergo the Headmaster process, warning Zarak that his newfound powers might overwhelm his current concerns.

Later, at the capital of Koraja, the Autobot Headmasters are visited by a group of council members. Soriza tells Galen that they will accompany the Autobots on all future missions as obsevers. Llyra then arrives with a message video from Lord Zarak. On it, he says that he and his followers have been kidnapped by the Decepticons, and begs that the Autobots will come and rescue them. After Llyra insists on following the observers, Galen and the Autobots head out.

When they arrive at the industrial plant, the Autobots are greeted by Lord Zarak, his followers, and six headless Decepticon bodies. Zarak and his men -- now modified as Decepticon Headmasters -- join with their bodies and attack the Autobots. While the observers overhead watch the battle in horror, Zarak is quickly growing intoxicated with Scorponok's might and power.

An accidental shot damages the council hovercraft, forcing it to make an emergency landing. As the passengers evacuate, Mindwipe hypnotizes Llyra to lead them into the plant. Once inside, they are caught by the bubble-blower and sent floating up into the atmosphere. The Autobots rescue them by firing on the bubbles and catching the falling Nebulans. After the council members are safely on the ground, the Decepticons open fire on the distracted Autobots and quickly defeat them.

The Decepticon Headmasters disengage, and Lord Zarak gloats at the unconscious Galen. Llyra then embraces Zarak in relief; confused by Mindwipe's hypnosis, all she remembers is that the Autobots were firing upon them. Zarak reassures her that Galen and the Autobot Headmasters will be permanently incapacitated.

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