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2 - Broken Glass !

Cristal roto !
Portada del cómic (47Kb) Adaptación: Bob Budiansky
Dibujo: Frank Springer
Entintado: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letra: Pat Brosseau
Color: Nelson Yomtov
23 páginas


In the Nebulan capital of Koraja, Galen, Lord Zarak, and their attendants watch as a mob of Nebulans angrily protest the new peace treaty with the Autobots. While Galen leaps into the crowd to break up a fistfight, Zarak thanks Grax and Vorath for staging the rally. The crowd is eventually scattered by the Council guards, and Galan leaves the scene. Zarak tells his daughter Llyra -- who is also Galen's girlfriend -- that Galen is after the Autobots' power, but she refuses to believe him. Meanwhile, Galen confers with Fortress Maximus' disembodied head about the Nebulans' discontent, and vows to find a peaceful solution.

The next day, Zarak urges the Council of Peers to attack the Autobots. Galen's argument for peace is bolstered by Gort's arrival; he explains that the initial "attack" by Highbrow (last issue) was an accident, and the Council agrees to keep the peace.

A few days later, Galen, Zarak, and a few other Nebulans visit the Autobots and study their efforts at building a permanent city. While Hot Rod demonstrates a receiver that the Autobots have tuned to their old headquarters on Cybertron, Vorath uses a scanner to read the frequency and coordinates. Later that night, Krunk establishes contact with the communications console at the abandoned headquarters, just as Scorponok and his Decepticons are searching it. When Zarak calls for help, he makes contact with Scorponok, who promises to quickly come and help.

A few days later, the Decepticons arrive on Nebulos and meet up with Lord Zarak. He quickly directs Scorponok to Koraja, where Fortress Maximus and the other beheaded Autobots are. When Galen refuses to turn over the Autobots, the Decepticons attack the city.

Galen confers with Fort Max, and they conclude that the Nebulan defenses are no match for the Decepticons. When an attempt to have the Nebulans control the Autobots' bodies by remote control fails miserably, the scientist Arcana invents a way to create a Nebulan-Autobot hybrid. Despite Llyra's protests, Galen joins a team of five Nebulans who subject themselves to the treatment.

Hours later, the modified Nebulans are able to transform their bodies into heads for the Autobots, forming the Autobot Headmasters. They step outside to challenge the Decepticons; with superior targeting and evasive skills, the Autobot Headmasters quickly defeat the Decepticons and send them running.

After the battle, the Autobot Headmasters reveal their Nebulan identities, placating most of the worried populace. Unfortunately for Galen, Llyra finally believes her father's warnings -- that Galen wants the Autobots' power for himself -- and spurns him.

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