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1 - Ring of Hate !

Anillo de odio
Portada del cómic (84Kb) Adaptación: Bob Budiansky
Dibujo: Frank Springer
Entintado: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letra: Diana Albers
Color: Nelson Yomtov
23 páginas


On Cybertron, Scorponok and his Decepticon commandos are escorting the surviving prisoners of a recent raid back to their base. They are intercepted by Fortress Maximus and his Autobots, who drive off the Decepticons and free the prisoners. The Autobots return to their headquarters and celebrate the victory, but are berated by Fort Max for doing so. He tells them that he is tired of the never-ending war, and has decided to leave Cybertron for a peaceful, distant planet called Nebulos.

A few days later, Fort Max and a group of like-minded Autobots leave Cybertron and fly to Nebulos. While the Autobots set up a camp in a forest, Highbrow is sent to deliver a recorded message to the Nebulans. Highbrow soon finds -- and surprises -- a young couple (Gort and Marita) in a nearby grove. When Gort accidentally falls into a gully and is knocked unconscious, Highbrow apologizes and gives the recording to Marita instead.

The next day, in the Nebulan capital of Koraja, the Council of Peers convene an emergency meeting. Fort Max's message asked for a meeting to discuss peacful coexistence; Lord Zarak argues that the Autobots' intentions must be evil, and cites Gort's injury (over Marita's protest) as proof. However, Galan, leader of the World-Watchers, eventually persuades most of the Council members to give peace a chance.

At noon, a large crowd has gathered in the main square when Blurr arrives. But his greeting is interrupted when Krunk, working on Zarak's orders, magnetizes his arm -- making it look like Blurr attacked a nearby statue. While the crowd stampedes in panic, Zarak orders his soldiers to open fire, and Blurr departs in failure. As a result, Galan is forced to deliver a cache of Nebulan weapons.

Later at the Autobot camp, the Autobots are debating what to do when the Nebulans attack. At Fort Max's insistence, the Autobots hold their fire and retreat; they escape deeper into the woods, but with heavy casualties. Even so, Fort Max adamantly adheres to his pacifist beliefs, and insists that they find another solution.

Several days later, the Autobots approach the now-fortified capital. Fortress Maximus once more states his peaceful intentions; despite Lord Zarak's goading, Galen holds the order to fire and listens. The Autobots disarm themselves; when that is not enough proof, Fort Max removes his head, rendering himself helpless to the Nebulans. He is joined by Highbrow, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Chromedome, who also remove their heads. Finally convinced of the Autobots' sincerity, Galan begins negotiations.

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