Transformers: Generation 2
Halloween Special Edition


  Guión: Simon Furman
Arte: Geoff Senior
Letra: Richard Starkings con Gaushell
Color: Sarra Mossoff
7 páginas


Optimus Prime and his Autobots are fighting Bludgeon and his Decepticons inside the wreckage of an ancient spaceship. The prize is a cache of superweapons, which each side wants for itself. In the midst of the battle, Hot Rod sneaks into a back room, looking for a way to scare off the Decepticons, while fighting his own fears about disturbing the dead.

The battle is interupted when a gigantic monster appears, announcing itself as the guardian of the stockpile and ordering the Transformers to leave immediately. While Optimus silently congratulates Hot Rod for the illusion, the monster vaporizes one of the Decepticons and drives off the others. Hot Rod then returns, apologizing for not being able to understand the alien technology, and Optimus realizes the monster is not an illusion...

The Autobots quickly leave, and Optimus vows that the Autobots will prevail with their courage and determination.

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